Kingmaker: Heir to the Throne – Playesting!

Kingmaker: Heir to the Throne is an in depth competitive/co-operative deck building game. You play as a member of an ailing monarch’s council, vying for favor among your fellow councilors. When the monarch finally dies, the councilor with the most favor wins and claims the throne.

To gain favor, you’ll attempt quests, and work with the other members of your council, either helping or hindering them on their attempts. Their failures means that your favor is worth more in the end game. However, you have to keep your efforts to undermine your opponents in check, because if too many quests fail, the kingdom will collapse and nobody will survive to claim the throne and victory.

Kingmaker is an intense 2-4 hour game that involves a lot of negotiation, bribery and blackmail, in addition to the mechanics that are similar to a lot of other deck builders. Kingmaker can be said to play like a combination Munchkin and Ascension drawing elements from both, as well as being inspired by Dominion and Star Realms among many others.

If you want to help out with playtesting check out this document. It includes links to both the Print & Play cards and Tabletop Simulator mod, rules and surveys of varying degrees of intensity to collect feedback about the game.

It may be a while until more public playtests are set up, but in the meantime, if you’re interested, go for it, and feel free to share your thoughts and experiences!


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