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The Archives Are Incomplete is a Star Wars Legends Canon Novels podcast. Yeah, that’s a pretty narrow focus, but there are nearly 150 legends canon novels, and they’re all on a shelf behind me right now.

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Episode 11: Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil The Archives Are Incomplete

We return for the third and final book in the Darth Bane series by Drew Karpyshyn. This is the last book in the greater chronology written by Drew, but if you're interested in more of his work, I can heartily recommend Knights of the Old Republic as well as the earlier Mass Effect games. He's also written for many other games and created many other novels, but I haven't read them personally as of yet. In any case, this episode is shorter, as Dynasty of Evil is a payoff for the build-up of the first two. While I discuss the plot and some character interactions, a lot of the philosophy and character development has been covered thoroughly by the first two stories. Join us next week as we cover Maul: Lockdown. We're deviating from the path prescribed in the front of the books, and waiting to read Darth Plagueis as it encompasses a broader span of time. The next three books – Maul: Lockdown, Cloak of Deception, and Maul: Shadowhunter – all take place during the story of Darth Plagueis, and by reading them first, it's easier to refer to those moments when they come up spoiler-free in Darth Plagueis. — Support this podcast:
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