About the Team

Okay – so team may be a bit of an exaggeration – it’s just the one guy, but I’m always open to collaboration and speaking about myself in the third person.


I’ve been designing games since I was a kid, those silly little things that you’d play in your backyard with the other kids from the neighborhood. I don’t remember the rules for many of them, although I do recall trying to redesign the Star Wars ttrpg from memory in a tree house and failing miserably.

Nonetheless, I’ve continued to design and play games. Beyond the projects that I’ve published with the help of many backers on Kickstarter, there are many ideas that I’m not quite ready to share with the world. My thesis in college was Rise of Champions a simple and modular tabletop roleplaying game that had some good ideas and serious flaws. I’m working on a module for a D&D campaign to publish, a novel, a worldbuilders guide, and half a dozen other things, including The Archives Are Incomplete, a Star Wars legends canon novels podcast.

Outside of that development work, I am a Level 3 judge for Magic the Gathering, and recognized as an expert in the rules and policies for tournament play for that game, as well as logistics and mentorship.

More importantly (to me, at least) I have a personal library of over eight hundred books and growing (also a collection eight shelves that is also growing), and a desire to explore narratives wherever I can find it.