While we only have two games in the catalog so far, we have several more well on their way and in production. You can check them out in over on our Projects page.

Completed Games

Broker – A game about cheating. Broker is a lightweight, easy to learn, faster to play party game. Broker is the first game published under the Fat Elf Games banner, and is guaranteed to make you more suspicious of your friends.

Lucent – Lucent was designed with the aesthetic in mind. As gem cards are played out, they create a rich tapestry. Choose from one of four stunning versions: Classic, Night, Cosmic and Bestiary. Be the last to place a gem to claim the power and dominate your enemies. 

Tabletop Simulator Mods

We also have some of our games available for free on Tabletop Simulator. You can download the official mod for Lucent, with all four art styles and play with your friends!

Additionally, we have an early-beta version for Kingmaker: Heir to Throne available. It’s using placeholder art assets, but the rules and all of the cards are ready to be used! Feel free to host your own play-test sessions and send us your feedback.