Welcome to our projects page!

We have a lot of exciting projects that we’re incredibly excited about. These projects are all currently in various stages on incomplete. Some are deep into playtesting while others are still in the early ideation stage. Check them out below!

Active Projects

Kingmaker – Kingmaker is a complex competitive/cooperative deckbuilding game. Develop an infrastructure of wealth, might and knowledge to accrue favor from the king, while keeping an eye out on his health and maintaining national stability! Negotiate deals and influence enemies on your way to the throne. Balance your needs to ensure you’re not ruling a broken kingdom when the dust settles.

Kingpin – Rise to power and take over the city in this quick and dirty tactical game. Expand to gain more resources and develop your armies, while defending your borders from attack.

Adulthood: The Game – Adulthood is a lot like being Robin Hood, except with less banditry and more attempting to live like a functional member of society. But also with just a bit of cheating, so maybe more like Robin Hood. Adulthood is the successor to Broker, and maintains its lightning quick pace and chaotic atmosphere.

Worship – Delve into the realm of omnipotence and control the lives of puny mortals in this deep and complex strategy game.

Past Projects

Lucent: An Aesthetic Card Game – Enter the world of Lucent as a geomancer, vying for a shard of divine power in this beautiful card game. Build a vibrant pyramid together by placing gems.

Broker: A Game About Cheating – Broker is a fast paced card game about winning, and then getting away with it. Broker was designed with the idea that games are the most fun when you’re taking advantage of the rules.

The Diviner – A narrative text based RPG focused on exploring and influencing a vast world filled with politics, religion, monsters and gods.