Have you ever wanted to be a petty god, changing the lives of innocents on a whim? Have you ever yelled at a NPC because they weren’t doing what you wanted them to?

Worship lets you take the reings of a plethora of characters in a rich and complex world, dealing with both natural disasters and those caused by your rivals for power in the pantheon.

In Worship, you control the actions of any character on the game board, generating faith that you can collect to improve your abilities. Challenge other gods who encroach upon your domain and steal their followers.

With dozens of unique characters, each with their own desires, beliefs and morals, every game is different, and you get to shape your powers to best claim the devotion of the mortals.

Reward the faithful by helping them achieve their desires and punish heretics through a slew of actions available to anybody.

Did that farmer just pray to another god for rain? Does it matter that you’re the god of mountains and she’s the god of weather? SMITE THE FARMER!

Did that warrior just ask for your blessing before battle? Shower him in riches!

While you may not control your own fate, you certainly control theirs.