Broker – A Game About Cheating

Games are at their most fun when you’re taking advantage of the rules. Nobody talks about the game of Risk where everything was pretty much even and then you all got tired and quit, or the game of Magic where you had a perfectly average hand. We talk about the three natural twenties in a row on a boss in Dungeons and Dragons or the deck you built in Dominion let you purchase all of the gardens and win by a huge margin.

Codename “Cheat!”, Broker was designed as a party game that pushes that idea. It’s a fast paced and continuously evolves the more you play it. There’s a set of relatively straightforward rules – get rid of the cards in your hand and your deck and you win. Then the rules say “Go on. Cheat. You’re supposed to. Draw an extra card. Stack your deck.” 

2020 version of Broker

First published in 2016 with the help of seventy-six backers, Broker has since been given an overhaul, with sharper graphics and a more consistent look. You can acquire a copy of Broker here.