Broker is a fast paced game about winning, and then getting away with it.

Broker was designed with the idea that games are the most fun when you’re taking advantage of the rules, and pushes that concept to the limit. Cheating is a part of the game and creates a unique and dynamic experience. Every time you play, the game is different because of who is participating or where you’re playing.

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Originally named “Cheat” Broker lives up to its legacy. Imagine you’re a stock broker with access to inside information that leads you to believe that a market crash is imminent. What do you do? Sell, sell sell! Follow up question. Are you willing to cheat to get your way? Absolutely.


Broker is a fast paced, simple to learn card game that evolves depending on who you play with and where you’re playing.

In Broker your goal is to get rid of all of the cards in your hand and deck. On your turn, you have the choice to play any action card or sell any number of stocks from the same company. At the end of your turn, you refill your hand with cards from your deck.

Beyond those simple rules, cheat. Find whatever opportunities you have to gain an advantage and take them. Of course, if you’re caught, you’ll be penalized, so don’t get caught!


The way you play Broker should change depending on where you are playing or who you’re playing with. In one game, a player got caught trying to hide cards under the table because they made a distinct sound when they fell on the tile floor. If the game had been over carpet, the player would have gotten away with it and would have won.

Never underestimate your opponents. Even if you think you have all the cheats figured out, somebody will find a new way to gain an advantage. They may even perform a cheat poorly in order to distract you from their real goal!